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Bitmain just released the Antminer E3 April 3, 2018 — This is the very first ASIC miner for Ethereum mining on the EtHash algorithm. At first the there were rumors floating around that the Antminer E3 would mine at around 800 Mh/s, however this recent release by Bitmain has confirmed speeds of 180+ Mh/s. This isn't too bad considering the Antminer will run for around $800-1500 for the unit depending on where you buy it from including a PSU. To get mining capacity of around 180 Mh/s using GPU's, you would need about 7-8 Nvidia 1070 cards and an machine to run them at a tune of around $4000-6000 dollars. This miner will mine the same speed at a fraction of the cost of a GPU mining setup.

The Antminer E3 runs on just 800 watts of power, making it slightly more efficient than traditional GPU miners. At the pricepoint Bitmain has released these at, we expect they should sell very fast.

The current Antminer E3 profitability is around $180-300/month considering the hash rate of 180 Mh/s This will change depending on many factors when Bitmain begins shipping the miners with actual results. They say on their site that they expect actual figures to be higher than the estimated 180 Mh/s we’ll update this site as we get any new information.

Will The Antminer E3 be profitable, or will Ethereum Fork?

We've been closely monitoring Bitmain for years as they're been preparing to release the first Ethereum mining rig, the Antminer E3. We've also seen how he crypto community reacts each time a new ASIC is released for their coin. For Ethereum, many people were excited about forking away from Bitmain. Even popular blogs wrote about how Ethereal might fork away from Bitmain's hardware so forking Ethereum still may be a risk, but we don't think it will happen. Here's our reasons:

Forking a cryptocurrency mining algorithm is much harder than it sounds and could cause a lot of damage to the stability of the currency. Some experts believe that it would take a team of highly skilled cryptographers several months of heavy in-depth research to decide if something like this would even be a viable option. While it's easy to threaten a hard-fork and become frustrated with Bitmain and their relentless desire to dominate the ASIC market, we don't think that Ethereum or the team behind it will actually decide on a hard fork. Especially since these miners are only mining ETH at 180 Mh/s, much lower than some people previously thought. it's also interesting to note that the price is far lower than any other ASIC released by Bitmain this year. Bitmain usually releases ASIC's with a price point around $2000, but this one is price at only $800.

Antminer E3 — Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start mining with the Antminer E3?

It will cost around $800-$1500 to buy Antminer E3 mining hardware. Then you will need to consider the cost of the power supply PSU which will run you around $150-200 USD including shipping. Those that were lucky enough to buy in Bitmains first sale will end up paying around $1200 including + some additional import Tax (Cost will vary by country).

Another option is to shop on eBay, some resellers may have good deals to buy the Antminer E3 with a discount and you won’t have to pay Bitmain’s high priced shipping fees or import fees. (See current eBay pricing on Antminers)

All told, you should be paying around $1400 by the time you receive the miner and pay for all expenses. Power usage is only 800 watts, so you won’t be using as much power as other antminer models and should theoretically be able to run the miner on 110v house outlet!

How much can you earn mining Ethereum with the Antminer E3?

At the Current difficulty in April the Antminer E3 will mine Ethereum @ 180 Mh/s which equates to around $5-8/day, or $170-245/month. ROI at our current estimations should be around 5 months. If Ethereum goes back to it's Jan, 2018 prices we should see a much shorter payoff period.

For the current available Antminer E3 priced at around $1500 (eBay pricing on Antminers) you should be able to ROI faster than most other miners produced by bit main.

Because the Antminer E3 is only mining at 180 Mh/s, we don’t expect the difficulty of EtHash (Ethereum) to go up to terribly high. The Antminer E3 however is very cheap compared to the other GPU options available to mine Ethereum.  If you buy Antminer E3 mining hardware now and receive it in July, 2018 we are estimating that you should have it paid off by the end of 2018. And although we cannot be certain, we believe that this hardware could last several years or more depending on your environment.  

Antminer E3 versus GPU mining rigs

If you're trying to decide between purchasing a GPU mining rig, or the recently released Antminer E3, we've got you covered. The biggest advantage of the GPU miner is the ability to start mining other coins with the press of a button. GPU mining rigs can switch as desired VS. ASIC mining rigs only mine a specific cryptocurrency.

If you try to buy a GPU mining rig on eBay you should expect to pay around $4000-6000 VS. the newly launched Antminer E3 ASIC on eBay runs around $1500-2000 including shipping and no import tax

Because of the versatility of the GPU mining rig, it may be preferable for some people, however the cheaper price and energy consumption of the Antminer E3 ASIC mining rig is a definite positive that we believe is worth moving towards.

What is the best PSU power supply for Antminer E3?

When you buy antminer E3, or any mining rig from Bitmain for that matter, you will want to power the device with a PSU. We strongly advise using the recommended APW3++ power supply from bit main and available elsewhere. You can use other power supplies, but we do recommend using the official bitmain branded PSU.

Bitmain’s APW3++ is very high quality and you won’t have warranty problems with Bitmain in the event you do have any issues. You can buy them on eBay for around $140-200 depending on the seller and they are very high quality made just for the E3 Antminer.

We have found that buying the original Bitmain power supply is much more reliable than other off-branded PSU’s or even high dollar PSU’s. It’s better to stick with the OEM approved PSU and this is our best advice on PSU’s for the Antminer E3.

How to setup my Ethereum wallet and mining pool with Antminer E3?

It's simple and easy to setup your wallet and mining pool. Once you have chosen your mining pool, you'll want to enter it in the place of Bitmains generic pool. You will need to first find the IP address of your miner by using a IP scanner after plugging in the device into your Ethernet plug. Then to login access the IP from any browser and use the username/password root/root (or if you changed it before, use the changed username/pass)

After you access the device portal, you’ll want to navigate to the ‘Miner Configuration’ tab.  The next thing you’ll do is enter in your pool URL into the URL location. Then inside of the field for the worker, simply enter your Ethereum wallet receiving address. In the password field you can just put ‘x’ or anything you want as this doesn’t usually matter.

You can enter a backup mining pool and wallet ID’s under each pool 1, 2, and 3 just to be safe.

What are the best Ethereum mining pools for the Antminer E3?

According to, the three mining pools for Ethereum with the largest hash rate and luck are Ethpool/Ethermine, f2pool, and Nanopool. We recommend using one of these 3 top ETH pools for EtHash algorithm, because of their reliability and stability documented throughout the last several years.

Our top pics are Ethpool and Ethermine They are both operated from two different websites, however they do contribute to the same overall pool. So far they currently cover over ~25.0% of the network hash rate power in total. This pool is also the largest pool for EtHash on the Ethereum network. Ethermine currently has over 62,000 miners using the pool software while Ethpool has a little under 900 according to

You can use any mining pool you desire, however we do advise using the largest pool for it’s greater success rate at finding ETH coins.

Antminer E3 miner vs. other GPU miner setup (Profitability & Comparison)

There are several ASIC mining devices available on the market and in this section, we’ll attempt to give a nonbiased comparison of the Antminer E3 miner vs. the average GPU mining rig using Nvidia 1070 cards or AMD RX580’s.

3 things to consider before buying Antminer E3 to mine Ethereum:

  • Are you willing to wait a year to pay off your miner? Many people who see a new miner from Bitmain jump on it right away without realizing that if you’re going to start mining you need to be willing to wait to pay it off. Sadly the Antminer E3 will not ROI (pay itself off) in only a month, it will take up to 6 months (or less or more) before you have paid the miner off.  The positive thing about buying the hardware yourself is you can keep it for the lifetime of your mining instead of a mining contract which expires.  In summary, you must realize that it won’t be instantaneous pay off and you should be willing to wait awhile before you see any ROI.
  • Have you calculated the full cost? It’s very important to calculate the full cost of the Antminer E3. This includes accounting for the power cost associated with mining depending on your location. You will want to carefully figure out what it will cost. The E3 Antminer will consume 800 watts of power and you should expect to cost around $2-3 / day in power if you pay $.10 Kw/h average. (This is an estimate, may not be exact).
  • Shipping and import issues with the Antminer E3? One of the MOST important things to consider is the shipping and import issues. We personally buying from eBay, or Amazon. However if you do choose to purchase this from Bitmain’s official site, you will need to calculate the cost and trouble for importation. This is a huge issue and some people even end up loosing their Antmieners completely because of unforeseen importing issues after they bought the miner from Bitmain’s official store.  Please be careful as this can cost you all the money you spent and vitamin is NOT forgiving in any way if the miner is shipped back to them after being denied at the boarder of your countries import offices.

Before you start mining with the E3 Antminer, make SURE you get CoinBase & Binanace accounts setup!

Many other exchanges have closed causing a huge influx of users onto other exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. When you receive your E3 Antminer and start mining, you want to be ready to start trading currency. If you DON'T get an account now, you may not be able to later! Many exchanges are blocking new users - don't be the one left behind, sign up below!